Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crisis Communication

Something is happening in Japan but immediately whatever done, it is posted somewhere in the internet.  It is so easy and super fast when we are searching for news.

There are disadvantages on this news, they spread like fire, and the trust is not seek.  This community hungry of news.  Someone spread and it just get blown up.

Are we one of them who preferred to read the news from the Internet and believe them within a blink.

And how Toyota can survive cause the report on the pulled out of Toyata cars by the million has not been explained in the website as fast as the pace of the news was spread out.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Media Freedom

how much freedom do you get in Malaysia, as a person that has been reading plenty of blogs, especially the political blogs, i opt to say that it is very favourable.

try reading from this blog, please click the link
this link
or this link

can you see how outspoken they wrote there any media law on this ?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am me

Working with words is my favourite.  Word are style, culture, connections.  Big words,COMMUNICATE.

It is not easy to understand another culture before you open your heart for any possible differences between anything you can thing of..  
Culture are a sane practice in any society.  Dont try to be smart by teaching them your way, your understading.
 Business cant relate if you are not putting them in your shoe.  Remember to be engaged you need chemical.
Accepting others as what they are is the 1st step in getting know the best side of them.
Relations is not about love but to understand each other needs.